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“Other than modelling, I also work in a construction company as someone who does pop, screening and painting. Managing my profession and modelling has been a big deal but you have to take things easy as it comes one step at a time. I miss my days when life was simple. As a last child of my mum, I am not pressured into sending cash home because my elder ones take up responsibilities. I once had admission into university of Abuja but because my parents could not afford my fees, I missed out on the admission. After that I made up my mind to do some handiwork so as to support myself financially. Instead of returning home after my Post-UTME, I had to learn screening and painting to support myself”.


UP WITH AFRICA... Good artwork... So simple and beautiful... I hope steemit community support you... Meanwhile, I send you greetings from Venezuela, blessings, and my little upvote...

And, of course, I follow you ;-)

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