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RE: ✏️ Jace Beleren - Cryptomancer "Magic the Gathering" 🃏

in #art4 years ago

how long have you been drawing for? Its certainly great to see the transformation of your piece as you make your way through the process. and yea man you are right the @trialbycomics gets some GOOD submissions during their campaigns. They produce great content and you can always find something you fall in love with.

damn shipping


Yeah I'm so glad I found this contest! :) It really inspired me to grab my pencils and start drawing. This piece is made in one evening, I think in about 2hours while watching some episodes of avatar the last airbender with my fiance. ;)
Thanks to @kommienezuspadt I will draw more again in the future. I'm really looking forward to the next theme!
Thanks for your support @jakehorn87! :D
Have a nice day!

no worries. you too! The airbender series is incredible as well lol

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