Elephants graveyard.. And then the trees start to appear!

in #art2 years ago

Yes I have moved onto the trees. It was a choice I made when I started this mammoth drawing that I would leave the trees to after the heard had been drawn as I drew the heard from several pictures on photographs and copyright free images through pixabay so I wasn't sure where each Ellie would rnd up and or tonal balance. Rightly or wrongly I have given myself some serious head aches here as I am drawing from front to background.... Hmmm not clever methinks but I will succeed just means spending a few extra hours on tonal balance and rede tailing the Ellies once done. I have place most of the trees I need bar one or two smaller ones in the foreground but haven't detailed thr nearer trees yet. However I thought I would post to keep the promise I made as in work in progress.


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