Sunset at Groomsport Harbour

in #art2 years ago

Oil on canvas board. Painted from a reference photo I took a few weeks ago at sunset. I have left the boats out of the painting as it seems to work as just a sunset!!! Painted in Micheal harding oils with a no2 bright and a small pallete knife to give it some of the painterly feel of expressionism here and there. 20190526_201235.jpg


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so lovely, i love how rough and beautifully impressionistic this one is.... all i get from it is a sense of romance and a longing to sit by a lake at a sunset :)

gorgeous work, jake <3

It's a beautiful painting and it must have been a lovely moment to see such nice sunset. I like the textures and highlights in water..

If I can give you an advice.. it would be good if you would share some progress photos too, or maybe a longer story to attract more visitors to your account. Your painting is very nice and it's a pity that it doesn't get the rewards that it deserves..

Thank you for sharing and have a lovely week!

Very cool and expressive painting, @jakeknee! Well done... and thanks for sharing!