Gowns Made From Trash!

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Fashion is comfort before style, but what if trash turns into fashion gowns?

Sounds interesting!
Trash are classified into two the biodegradable and the non-biodegradable waste. Biodegradables are waste that easily decomposes like paper, while the non-biodegradable have tons of kinds where some don't easily decompose like plastic, glass bottles, tin cans, rubber and many more.

In fact, most of the countries are having issues when it comes to disposing of these wastages. Because there are types of materials that cannot be recycled and the only option is by disposing it directly to the landfills.

The bottom line, as a responsible citizen we have important roles in the community to lessen the issues cause by our own wastages. Let us remember that improper disposal can destroy our nature. So never litter nor burn garbages anywhere and do not throw your wastages everywhere. Most especially to running water like river or canals, which causes floods during heavy rains due to blocked drainage, because of the accumulated trash.

To address the issues regarding our trash, why don't we try to create something from it.

Together with the celebration of our 39th Masskara Festival 2019. A certain organization in Bacolod induce fashion designers to participate in making fabulous gowns using trash or indigenous materials. Participants are required to present their project designs and explain the whole process before the final walk.

Materials used ( only trashed )

plastic spoons

styro cups

plastic forks

plastic knives

plastic plates

soft drinks straw

green shells

crackers packaging

plastic spoons

linen from an old umbrella

old banig

plastic straw

Retaso " Piece of Cloth "

soda cans

juice packagings

plastic sachets " like shampoo ''

old plastic folders

old mantels

plastic tarpaulins

plastic bottle caps
















The main reasons why fashion organization in Bacolod initiated this event.
First, is to bring awareness to every Filipino that we can do something to reduce our waste. Second, to motivate youth that fashion is not only about styles it is also about responsibility. Last, to test the creativity level of a fashion designer by using the available resources provided.

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This is really cool.

They should try to get someone famous to wear some of these, as they are a bit more high fashion than most would wear normally. But I'm sure they could likely make some cool outfits that people might want to wear more casually.

Absolutely...... These gowns are stunning... I never seen something like this before..

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