Pixel Art Weekly Is Back With A Huge Steem Monsters Game Jam Art Contest! All Artists and Animators Wanted and Welcome!

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Pixel Art Weekly Is Back!!

Hello you fine citizens of steemit.
Have I got an art contest for you!

Starting August 25th
Steem Monsters
is hosting it's first ever game jam.

You can find out more about the game jam here....
and here....

The fine folks at @steemmonsters have decided to sponsor this round of
Pixel Art Weekly

So here's how its going to work.

The following assets are available for you to use....







~Your Goal~

Create original sprites of as many of the characters shown above....
or create animations for any of the existing assets.
The more, the merrier!
These assets will be made available to game developers, to utilize for the game jam.
You will have until the game jam begins to turn in your submissions.

Although we love pixel art here,
any and all art styles will be accepted.

But wait....
what about...


There will be prizes for the Top 3 chosen entries.

-1st Place-

Top winner will receive the proceeds from this post.
(@steemmonsters will be placing a hefty bot vote on this to guarantee monetary value)

2nd Place

First runner-up will receive 30 packs of Steem Monsters.

3rd Place

Second runner-up will receive 20 packs of Steem Monsters.

One lucky contestant may even be hired to create an entire asset pack for game development purposes.

~To Participate~

Entrants must upvote and resteem this post.
All entries are to be left in the comment section below.

So get crackin folks....
the clock is tickin!

Good Luck To Everyone!!


Howdy @jonny-clearwater! All contestants! Here goes my entry!

The character is Air Elemental!

Post link: https://steemit.com/art/@megy.fine.arts/air-elemental-pixel-art-weekly-contest-enrty-by-steemmonsters-and-jonny-clearwater

P.S. This is a pixel art indeed but your screen will most likely have too big resolution for showing it! ;) Cheers!


Heres my link to my post of zintar mortalis!
Goodluck all and fantastic entries so far!

So good.
Would you have any interest in doing the game jam with my son and I?

Yeah sure I wouldn't mind
I'm heading to bed for now i'll be up in roughly 7 hours from now (1am here as of posting)
hmu on discord lunaticmoon#6188

Hey @jonny-clearwater,

This is one tough contest/challenge for me!

I'm not a graphic whatever, whatever oriented person lol

So... you've forced me to learn to use some software... which is not a bad thing 😀 But, it's tough creating an animation when you only have ONE frame to work with! Creativity?? Where art thou?! (see what I did there? lol)

Anyway, here's my first attempt at something for this contest... I just created a rudimentary GIF animation, of which I'm kind of proud.


Time to think of more "stuff" - cheers,

lol...so you're supposed to make the "next" frames....but great start

Lol thanks!

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Alric Stormbringer!

I don't know if I can top this one.

appreciate the effort...perhaps you can take a look at what it means to animate something...
here's a great place to start..

I understand ... now my work gives me embarrassment.
Thanks for sharing the link will help me learn.

nothing to be embarrassed about at all, you didnt know....it's great when something like this can help you learn something new.

Hey @jonny-clearwater,

I had an animation in mind... but I wasn't able to create what I really wanted. Here's the best shot I could give this contest, with the time I had available to me.




Cool. I think this is something I can help with.

I'm up for the challenge. I can't wait for Aug 25th

Any other guidelines to follow like how big the sprites should be? (or at least a minimum size?)

Totally up to you.
Most game engines today have excellent tools to be able to scale sprites to size needed.

Interesting contest, many successes @jonny-clearwater
Good vibes.

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Do you now how to make animation from individual PNG image files?

simple way is to use them to create a gif

i understand this is a contesto only for animation of the characters, right? not designing them or any of that

You can animate the existing characters...or recreate them in your own style.

How complex sprites should be? I never did anything for computer game before.

I'm not going to participate I love seeing the work of the artists so I'm anxious

Wow! what a great contest @jonny-clearwater ! Good Luck to everyone!upped and resteemed for more views!👍😀

Nice, good luck to all, can't wait to see that monsters!

This sounds awesome, I'm definitely gonna participate, but I have a questions? do we have to create a post with the sprite sheet, and then leave it in the comments?

You can make a post if you want...that's up to you
Your entry must be in the comments of my post

Good contest............
It must help to explore talents.....

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can't wait for time to have one of the collections.
does it feel so happy, of course yes.
but the problem for me is one question.
the question is, how much money do I have to pay to buy it? one character only.

definitely joining this fight! exciting

I've just updated the Lightning Dragon with animated wings.


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Nice post.
I just give you Upvote and comments.
You also give me Upvote and comments.

I want to join...😍

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