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As I mentioned in my introduction way back in my first days of Steemit, I'm also working on a short film by the name of "Valley Monsters".

It's a Mystery-Arthouse-Psychedelic-Noir-Horror-Thriller. Haha. I think I'm working with too many genre's. But I'm determined to make it work.

I've noticed that when people try to do things like this on their own, they fall into the trap of just trying to make it look "cool".

Well, I definitely want it to have a visual appeal for the audience. But I am not going out of my way to make it look "cool" in those regards. I'm taking my time with this because for one, my actors aren't always available. Two, money and time are a factor. I work a lot and make very little. Three, I have OCD over how the quality is in the end.

If you'd like to see my project go somewhere, then please, toss me an upvote, a follow, or a resteem. :)






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Your pict most nice follow @joviandres

great shots man

Like what I see so far! Good Luck...

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