ART EXPLOSION WEEK 36: Theme CITY/ 25 STEEM in prizes!

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Here we are again folks, ART EXPLOSION, THIS IS WEEK 36! The theme this week is CITY! This is fairly open ended so interpret this as you please, be creative and surprise us!

Once again we have a special sponsor and guest judge: @vachemorte! The total prize pool this week is 25 steem!

The Rules

  • Upvote and Resteem this post
  • Make some art (one entry per person and please new art only)
  • Make a post of your own for your entry (add artexplosion in the tags)
  • In your post describe your medium/process a bit, and show a few process images
  • Please note that we are no longer accepting writing/poetry
  • Link it here in the comments obviously so I can find it.
  • All entries must be submitted before Sunday APRIL 15th at 3PM EST.

We'll be choosing the winners based on whatever tickles and touches us the most!

This is not a requirement but it would be a nice gesture to view the other entries and upvote them if you like so we can support each other and pass this on to any artists or friends you think may be interested :)

I can't wait to see what you create!

See the winners of the previous week HERE


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Thank you for the inspiration.

I love this drawing, your are so blessed to receive your incredible talent @crittercrats. Thank you for sharing it friend!

Thank you very much and thanks for your positive feedback. I appreciate it. @lildebbiecakes

You are so welcome @crittercrats. Your artwork is greatly admired. You have a signature style, always delightful and cheerful, I really like that❣️

Cool thanks for joining!

Thanks for the great contests. @juliakponsford Always a pleasure.

This is lovely.

Thanks for the entry!

Your contest are my favorite

This Colored pencil drawing is absolutely gorgeous! You are blessed by God❣️

you are very kind to me)

Well your welcome @ksenja!

This might be my favorite one :)

Thank you for the entry!

Hi! I´m glad to participate again in this contest! I´ve lost my first account so here I´m back from my new one. This is my Entry. Good luck to everybody!


oh YAY!!! this one <3

Thank you for the entry!

Dear @juliakponsford... I thought, perhaps you work much and had an exciting week and you need to relax. Just look at my contribution and fall asleep: I managed to make boring art 😆😆💤
Thank you for this weekly contest, I so love to participate


Thank you for the entry, doesn't look boring at all!

Hello, in the last minute again. WHere is my work:
Semana 36 - ciudad.png

It looks great but I cant find your post?

Hello to all my friends Steemians, today I want to present you a drawing of my authorship, made to participate in the art contest EXPLOSION WEEK 36: CITY theme promoted by @juliakponsford this drawing is a non-digital art made with colors and a little imagination, here I show you the final artwork


Thanks for joining!

Here's my entry for this week.

Art Explosion | City

Thanks for hosting us yet again!

Thank you for the entry soulturtle!

Thanks for joining us again :)

It´s always a pleasure to join your weekly encouragement to absolute art freedom with a theme! :)

Here's my entry... Thank you for hosting such a wonderful contest every week. I love how it drove my inspiration =)

Thank you for the entry! this is my entry to the contest :) for me it is a pleasure to participate glan :)

Thanks a lot eshley!

excellent proposal, I will try to participate.

genial perfecto.. PONGÁMONOS CREATIVOS :D @juliakponsford

gracias, esto me incentiva, la aceptación de uds. Me gusta dibujar

Me gusta!

What a great initiative I would love to be able to participate.

My entry to the Art Explosion Contest: City

Thank you for the entry!

Thanks to you for the contest

I like a lot this contest, les go to be creative :D

First I want to thank @juliakponsford for this great contest. My drawing is inspired by the colonial part of the city of Merida, capital of the state of the same name located in the west of my country, Venezuela.


Hi you were an hour late, we are starting judging right now so we will include it but please try to be on time in the future sometimes we do the judging right when the contest closes.

First of all I want to thank @juliakponsford for this fun contest. This is my final artwork:


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