Ocean of Art 19: Dive in and discover some promising new Steemit artists / Minnowsupport Curation Team

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To help promote and improve the artistic community here on Steemit I am doing a weekly curation! Most of the artists I have chosen are still minnows and are waiting to be discovered and others that I will feature have just plain impressed me! All of these posts will be voted on by me and also our new curation account msp-curation :)

The first hidden treasure I found this week is this beautiful oil painting by @davidcheifetz titled Spirit, the process is included in the post:

Next up is this lovely watercolour and ink starling by @amalinavia:


@jennashermanart shares here process in creating this striking oil painting which includes a time lapse:


We have another beautiful bird this week by @aci7 that was created using watercolours:


My last great find this week is this piece titles A Short Rest by @carolineschell using watercolour pencils:


If you enjoyed these artists please give them a follow and some encouragement!
I would like to invite all the artists featured and those who are reading this to join the Minnowsupport Project! It's a great way to network, gain followers and chat with your peers in a more relaxed environment.


We also have a room called art-discussion that we hope becomes a thriving place for artists to discuss process and inspirations!

See my last curation Ocean of Art 18


Cool interesting and creative art!

wow, what ceativity, renowned talent of art

what a great idea from you !
i will just have to come to your blog to find more artist :-)
really cool.jpg

Thanks for digging and finding the cream! More people for me to look at and follow :) Have a great day!

Excellent to see somebody doing some serious art curation on Steemit.

What a good show

I suggest you read this mega guide i wrote yesterday, one of my suggestions is to leave a relevant comment and not just ask for upvotes, this is bad etiquette: https://steemit.com/minnowsupport/@juliakponsford/2k-follower-milestone-as-my-thanks-ultimate-guide-to-everything-i-wished-i-knew-about-steemit-when-i-joined-all-in-one-post

Just read this. I'm a newb, so it was very helpful! Thank you.

Big ups to all the artists !!!!!

It's really wonderful, it's great to support art in this way:)

You do a good curation job. Glad to find your blog!

Awesome, Thank you very much for including me! This is a great thing for us newcomers. I look forward to following your posts!

Your work is beautiful, I can't wait to see more :)

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Wow! These pictures are lovely
Good job

I'm glad you picked him. David is a pretty cool guy :)

Thank you for sharing my work! xx

Wow, wow, wow! Thank you for curating @juliakponsford and congratulations, @carolineschell, @aci7, @jennahermanart, @amalinavia, and @davidcheifetz. You all bring value and inspiration to this online community. Thank you for sharing your art.

You have a very particular style of doing your works. It is very interesting how they dedicate and leave a part of you in each of them. You won a follower.

The top painting is amazing. Will look them up.

Thank you I love finding great artists here on steemit as much as good curiators doing great work! I guess if it's not too forward I'm a minnow artist here too and I'd love to get your thoughts on my work when you get a change. My paintings Thanks again!

@juliakponsford, i am so glad you came across work of @davidcheifetz , he is killer :) Such a great painter, and so many new entered this days. This is becoming real healthy art environment, and I believe it will bring more good works from others.

awesome paitings dear very nice and i have request for you asll well i am new here want your some attention please be supportive for me please

Thank you sooo much, I have also a new artist, it's my friend:


Hope you like her work!!!!

Looks awesome thanks, I'll go take a look!

Thank you very much, she is full of love, like her art!

What an incredible thing to do for the community. I just started on here and as an artist have been seeking out others. I’m loving stumbling upon these lists of great content! Thank you.

I just checked out your page welcome to steemit ! I look forward to hearing more from you!

Thanks! Resteeming this post.

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