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So it's currently 12:51 pm, I'm in desperatly need of a smoke and since it's too late for me to make noise and play guitar and the nicotine monkey makes me to shakey to draw, I have been looking at some stuff I made when I was a teen, and I kind of wanted to share it with you guys.
Between using way more time drawing and busting a couple of knuckles not gloving up before hitting the heavy bag I sadly think this is when I was at my best, the plan is however to do an effort to get back in the game, but like I said earlier, I'm trying to cut the cigarette/vaporizer, so my hands are pretty much useless the next three days, hopefully this will change soon :)
The one positive thing I brought with me from design school was the inspiration folder.
I always got the same:
''It's not realistic enough'' ''The colours are not complimenting eachother'' ''Don't use those photoshop filters'' Then again half the class was standing behind me when I was drawing.

At the same time I wish I had been less rebellious and listened, so I could've learnt more techniques related to photoshop and realistic drawing, especially now that my pinky is busted and shaky, and I can't complete a drawing without ruining it because oh shaking, but it's my intention to learn, and I will post here.

Offcourse if anyone has any good advice about technique or tools, I would be most grateful.
Though I am mediocre at best my two best and only tips when it comes to art is observation and time.

I've drawn for hours and hours on end, and slowly but surely I have improved. I had no initial talent, I was insanely jealous of one of my best friends who just had a gift.

The second like I said, the one positive thing I got from art school: INSPIRATION FOLDER.

All the sketches in this post comes from my personal inspiration folder, there are however loads more I'm not going to share.
It is a folder full of my sketches, photos and they can come from anywhere, there can be a cool pattern or a little detail i anything from a character in a comic strip, a painting or the pattern in a shirt sleeve in a gossip magazine.

I personally am most inspired my grafitti, comics and anime. Then again, I am a nerd, a rap/grafitti enthusiast, but I am able to appreciate art in all it's forms.
I also love painting, I personally have no talent for it, but I truly admire those who do.

In summation, no matter how small the detail, if you like the esthetics of something, make a small sketch or snap a pic, no matter how insignifficant it might seen at the moment.

I remember when I was a kid, and a couple of gravel pieces in the schoolyard gave me just the kick in the ass I needed to resolve my proportion problems.

But enough rambling. Like I said, I am far from the best artist, but here is some stuff I made when I was younger:



















So there you have it, everything i kept in my inspiration folder that I made myself from when I was a teen, there was a lot more that hit the trash bin. Like I said, I am not a talented artist, but I love drawing, and I'm a hard worker.

Hopefully these mediocre sketches gives someone more talented than me some ideas, the reason I kept them was not because I was proud of them, but because each of them had some details I liked that I wanted to use again in other work.

Hopefully someone reading this at the very least finds them entertaining.

Thank you for your time @k3nb0b


Great work bro and while your stoned too lol
Thanks 4 the upvote
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