Omg i love it. Great

Thank you dear!

Great painting! I love the pose of the lady in the picture, how tall and smooth she looks! It’s great that you’re posting your moms artwork ❤️ My mom still doesn’t believe in social media 😂

Get her to join! Thanks for the compliments, it means a lot :)

This is great, I'm in love with the style! Amazing form <3

Thank you, I will share more paintings soon.

Wow.. an excellent art piece done by your mom.. So good to know that she is continuing it again..
Lots of love and regards to her.. God bless her with good health..

Bless you as well @momi5, your kindness sees no limit.

Thanks so much... for your kind words...

First of all i really want to appreciate your mother's work and next i want to appreciate you because you are encouraging your mother's art, and for me the definition of art is deep emotions and sometimes we can feel that emotions in the art but there are great artist in this world who are not getting proper exposure. In this picture i will share my opinion as, i think the picture is saying about "Freedom Of Expression" and equality, our society never believes in equality what you see is they just pretend and when it comes to reality then you will see equality is just remained as an false saying, and in my opinion people who don't believe in the equality in my opinion they should understand their mother first because, we all cannot do what one mother can do and they always stood in front when it comes to sacrifices. Thanks for sharing this great and gem piece of art and wishing you and your family an great day. Stay blessed. 🙂

I love it @kaliju Your mom really has got her own artstyle. I painted similar one here > .oO

I can't tell the difference between digital art and the real oil painting! Does look similar, well done!

Thank you!

I like the lack of background. The shape of the person really stands out. Very exotic and almost retro looking!

It does look retro, for sure!

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