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Just to complement my last post with early digital paintings from 2005 made with the mouse, this is my first painting on a Wacom digitizer. It is from 2013 and I was trying to make a pin-up girl like the old masters of air-brush. The result was not quite what I anticipated, but probably very typical for me. I ended up with this after-show cabaret girl with an after-show splif.

@mikkolyytinen commented on my last post that he had done a lot of painting with mouse, and it is true that you somehow can get a better, more forceful drawing when you are technically challenged or working with difficult or primitive tools. Sometimes you can wonder how early techno and house music can sound so energetic compared to modern dance music, but maybe the primitive drum machines and samplers simply made the artist more focused and inventive.

Below is Lil Louis 1989 hit French Kiss that kind of goes well with the image.

The Cabaret Girl image was published first time at my Diaspora profile.

The image is made with Krita my favorite Linux drawing application, It is licenced CC-BY and is available in highres here - 2500 × 2500 px - 7.1 MB PNG


Now everybody thinks I'm watching porn, hehe...

Oh, the music? It is kind of explicit... :)