What an amazing art, congratulations on your 11k followers

I love your process of creating your art, from the pencil to ink to the colouring, it's really beautiful, your art is certainly one of the best I've seen on steemit.

11k? Wow congratulations

Thank you so much <3

Most of adorable drawing work @kaylinart. I'm pretty stunning with purple coloring hair and orange coloring blouse of Anime girl.
Tremendous effort.

how cute! i love the purplish hair especially 🤗♥️

Wao beautifull scatch you making with hard work I really like it

Awesome work as always..... Congratulations on hitting 11,000 Followers.

Thank you :)

This is a very beautiful drawing, just like yesterdays

your art is always impressed me,keep up the good hand art @kaylinart
carry on

you alway post good with your great art and drawing.i'm so happy after see your post.

your art is awesome......

just resteemed

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Pretty drawing of a cute girl, COngratx for the 11k followers :-)

I love your sketch

Hi @kaylinart I was diving into my steemit adventure beginning one year ago (almost) and looking up my drawings that I posted. There I saw your comments on them (and upvotes) You actually were part of my first earnings here, and I wanted to have a look at your artwork now I am an active Steemit member. I am posting some art I made later on today for the first time in a while. So I am looking for more like minded creative people while doing so. I want to thank you for making me very happy 11 months ago with your upvotes, I remember that I was ecstatic back then when I saw those votes. For you it may be nothing special, but I wanted to share this anyway! Have a good day and keep up the good work, love your style! And I am defo coming back later!

This was one of them: Drawing of an Elephant mandala style

Nice work and good choice of colors. Keep it up :)

Me gusta el efecto que lograste en el cabello por la combinación de los colores, tiene un aspecto de universo de caricatura, con colores muy vivos. También me gusta el efecto cristalino de los ojos. Es un dibujo simple pero realizado con buenas habilidades. Me sirve para guiarme en la mezcla de los colores. Gracias por compartir, saludos.

@kaylinart my friend beautiful sketch I love your work

I am not the biggest fan of anime, but this is pretty cool. Nice work.

very beautiful your drawing a total art

She looks incredibly cool - especially the hair, which provide the coolest contrast with her shirt :D I would love to be able to draw :D

Muy tierno tu dibujo y el proceso!

You are really good in the art