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“eco-crisis is ego-crisis”


Hello once again!

Is there any way to survive on our planet without the environment? Probably, it is possible to eat, cloth, breath, and shelter without plants, water, air and animals. I don’t think so. In fact, many people are interested on how they can use the environment to produce more usable materials. However, we never think of how we can sustain our environment, so that we can use it again & again.

If I cut down trees excessively to produce timber, charcoal or fire wood, I became content of what I produce. However, I am ignoring that the presence of these trees serves a lot more useful purpose that timber, firewood or charcoal. Therefore, am not I really in greening in grief? I am not I smiling instead of crying?

It is really undeniable fact that eco-crisis is ego-crisis. If you destroy the environment, you are for sure going to suffer a lot from its impacts.

People are kings/queens in their surroundings. We can choose to protect them or destroy them. We use environment in whatever way we want. We have ability and power over our environment but this is only possible when we still have it and when it still safe. When the environment is degraded, we will no longer be able to control the situation. The effects will be limitless and life will be very difficult or even impossible.

The women on the drawing is previously very happy and powerful. She leads the whole world she is standing on and anything on it. She uses her power to control the environment in any way she wants. However, she forgot to treat it eco-friendly and finally she is terrified when the outcome of what she had done came. She is nude meaning that she has nothing and she is attacked by a lion that symbolizes the aggressive power of degraded environment to people.
We rely on our environment in every way possible. So come on @steemians! Help me to change the world. Help me to leave it better than we found it.

Love you!!!

Have a nice day!!

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