Blender. Clash Royale Mortar

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Good day!

For a long time I did not write posts :)

There was no finished work, so there was nothing to write about. More precisely, at the same time did several models. Now I finished work on one of them. I decided to share with you the results.

The mortar model was specially made for sale. Also, the model was created for printing on a 3D printer. Texturing the model was not supposed, so I post only screenshots of the workspace.

The model itself is uncomplicated. But I had to take into account many nuances in order for it to be printed on a 3D printer.




For printing on a 3D printer, it is necessary that the model is not intact, but collapsible. This model consists of 8 main parts. More precisely, I divided it into 8 files, each of which contains from 1 to 4 parts. Thus it turned out 15 parts.

If you like this model and would like to print it, you can purchase it by the link.

Thank you all for your attention. Do not forget to subscribe to my blog!



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