New acrylic painting

in #art2 years ago

Hello friends! :)

Haven't posted for a longer time, already 2 months flowed , can not believe!
I painted a lot, but I'm too lazy to take photos and be present on internet. From time to time it's like this with me, my mind doesn't like distractions.

This painting is the newest and more abstract.
Any suggestions for the title? 🙏🙂
Acrylic on canvas, 120 x 100 cm



Thanks everyone <3 💖


omg, vesna! i've missed you and your posts !!!!

welcome back <333333

Gorgeous new piece! As for the title, I'm not sure, it looks like one of your strange garden, but one that lives under the pond, or something like that :)

Waaw, thanks so much! <3 🙂🙏💖

Haven`t posted for to months as well! Beautiful painting!

Thanks Dunsky! :) 🙏💮 Hope you will posting again. :)

Yeah, I already restarted!

Yeah, I saw now! :-) 👍😎

Sometimes it’s good to just do your thing without stressing about the surrounding silliness 😆

like for the last two days I’ve been debugging a Minecraft railway instead of working 😵

Love the colours in this one!

It’s nice to catch you even infrequently 🙃

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:-) thanks @ryivhnn! :-) 🙂💖

The last once looks like Mariana trench.

Thank you! :-) I saw now, she make underwater photography. 👍😎

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Thank you!

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