New lttle painting

in #artlast year

Genesis of flower 10, ink and oil on panel, 26 x 22 cm.

I liked it as much as it was at the beginning.


Thanks everyone! <3


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Nice little painting - I think you are very good at miniatures.
There are quite a few of my pieces where (like you) I feel I should have kept the beginning stage. Particularly if the drawing is elaborate - so I thought of (but never did as of yet) to leave it, make a print, and paint over the print.

Danke Otto! Ich glaube das würde nicht funktionieren bei mir.

Wunderschön Vesnita!!!! :-D

Danke Carolinchen! :-)

All of the stages are beautiful but i think that in the beggining had a unique harmony in colours:) You should start using the #creativecoin tag, it is a token designed for artists and also a creative community:)

Thank you! Yes, it was good at the beginnig.
I don't know what forces me to look for something else, so long till I like it. Mostly are just some faces that I constantly see and try to change until I don't see them anymore.🙄
(if I don't like them).
But allways when I point to such a face, the people don't see them, that's only in my head. :D
I will use your tag. Cheers!🙂

It is happening to me also when i am doing art, changing and re changing things only to find out that i liked it better at the start. I understand the way you are working, the process means more to you than the viewer, we are making art for ourselves first and the process is soth personal that we enjoy or has a therapeutic effect. Use the tag, it is to your advantage and if you need any help or more info, feel free to ask me:)


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