Hanging on to my last marble tight!

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🎼🎧🎤 "Introduce yourself right now” like the Faith No More song,… I can do that. In fact, I would be honored. Recently I turned 44. I was born and raised in Maine USA & my original birth name is Kristina with a K. For over 11 years I've had a shop on etsy which has undergone many a magical transformation that I named KREATUS with the tag line… like only we can. That was in 2007 & over two years ago I finally designed a logo for KREATUS that I really love which will be the heart of it all for my future artwork. So, etsy has upped their fees for what they take by 1.5% and I'm so unimpressed by that and other even worse changes they've made that I'm going to put my shop into permanent vacation mode. Instead I will be running my own website called: kreat.us

The time is now. I’ve been working on these projects I'm about to mention to you for quite sometime collectively— many years as a matter of fact. To be on the safe side, I’d like to give myself until September 1st to make my website publicly available in the quality I desire. Then also along with that exciting new website, will be lots and lots of videos that I've been making for at least nine months to document my journey which I plan to divide between Dtube, YouTube, and Patreon!!! Also, participating more in Twitter again & beginning Instagram again but for reals this time YO! And… I haven't even gotten to the best part yet….

It's been a couple of years now that me and the guy I am in a couple with have been fighting as a team to get my health back. He's a 50 year old CRRN & all around THEE best man I've ever met in my adventurous life thus far. It's quite a long story and I’ve working on a heavy book about it that I plan on finishing in the same timeframe I was speaking of. Only since my birthday in mid-July have I truly been getting my sanity & my body's ability to heal itself back. I'm going to be saving most of the telling of my saga for the previously aformentioned social media jumble debut that I have been planning out.

WABI SABI like I've always said; there's no such thing as perfect. We should delightfully unite over differences. You canNOT run from a rotten lifestyle and poor choices. That's a spin I put on a quote I heard from one of my favorite raw vegan YouTubers, Tannyraw. I am a subscriber to YouTube Red and therefore used to be all about watching commercial free any topic under the sun videos on that platform for hours every day when I was sick. Since discovering steemit a few weeks ago, it felt like there was a door finally opening for me into the land of cryptocurrencies with angel voices behind it. Seems like the exact right place for a freethinker like myself. One thing I've always said since I was really young is we're all crazy in our own special way. I do believe that never at any point in history or hertory has this appeared more blatantly obvious. And I've known tons (literally) of crazy cool people. It works if you work it so let's work it ‘cause it's worth it.
So it's true that I'm hanging on to my last marble and to be expected in my upcoming book are some fascinating marble story 'coincidences'. I'm willing to fight to the teeth because I still have a lot left to lose. My hope is to be maybe 1/3 of the way through my life this time around so far… the book I'm writing that I've already designed the cover art for is going to be far more interesting than a bunch of medical baloney & stress. Please trust me. I'll never be a politician. I've been around many empty promisers. I'm not one of them—that's never been who I am. In 5 months from today it will be the day after Xmas which is normally a depressing day, especially for the majority of children in the Western World but not anymore.. not if I can get to them that is… because part of my personal transformation is going to involve a name change in the next year & my new name will be Mary Kris Moss. So now u know— say my name, say my name! Any future financiers who wish to send gold and silver to my PO Box can address the package MKM for the long version or Kris Moss for a shorter version or Kreatus for the shortest version of my name…. Thank You… I love you… good night…..

None of this is a joke. I'm very serious about all all of this and I'm quite excited to tell you the lighter side of my ideas include making new music for the masses after I'm done this book business so I can have more fun in my future. It may be a joint effort with my partner in crime because he's wicked into music too. We've been together 9 years & counting. Let me tell you it's a massive challenge to myself to attempt to fit a mini version of that story into what I'm writing. We are natural born helpers. I want everyone I can reach to benefit from the activities of my greatest obsession as an information junkie.
There'll be more drama than you can shake a stick at. The drag world has to do with emotions & color story and I found it bringing me great joy in times grave illness. When all I could do was sit, and stare, and laugh after discovering RuPaul's race and other related online show bits, it reminded me of an entire plethora of hobbies back when I was way happier.
So, I invented wigs… you're welcome….jk….❤️🧡💛💚💙💜❣️

I've got so much show & tell style art stuffs I wish to present to you fine folks— it is completely overwhelming. And the ideas haven't stopped coming either. Every day it's like bam bam bam. Can't stop taking notes and taping them up all around my apartment like a beautiful mind up in here. My mind is on a mission—- I better just listen. Or i’ll be snapping pics, filming vids, and/or recording music. Guess I'll strike while the iron is hot. Must be my time to shine.

There's one thing in all this that I ultimately discovered: saving lives is hard to do even if it is just your own. Presently I've been doing large amounts of wild foraging. I make herbal concoctions as strong as possible and incorporate them into my green drinks on the daily. There are two 5 gallon buckets filled with purslane to the top sitting in my kitchen waiting for me to process them tonight along with the large bundle of lambs quarters. That's just a tiny tip of the iceberg. It's a full time job getting my life back. My commitment to steemit is the following: once I put up this here--- my first post then I will post once a week at least and I will pop onto my page every day to see what's up. I had to wait a little while until I could say that but now I'm ready. If I'm able to finish all the projects I mentioned above before September I'll be really pumped to tell you guys about it sooner.
Sure do hope you all let me entertain you as the Shakespeare's Sister song goes. It feels that is my destiny. Only time will tell. Since my first serious novel centers around Health & Aging topic wise, I'd like to leave my first post with a quote from one of these still remaining health gurus out there, Neal Barnard— “Genes are not destiny.” Concurring with head nods in agreement. He's an actual professional as well so it's easier to believe plus he looks healthy. Beware the endless stream of semi professionals claiming to cure shit on the web. Don't get caught in their little baited traps to sell you something useless. Follow your gut instinct. Time for tea…. tata for now…. ttfn….
Limitless fodder to discuss. Now that I've unlocked my voice box, you're never going to shut me up.
I have confidence that I can contribute meaningful content to every single category on steemit (save maybe one or two which I might be able to tackle after research). Essentially my content creation fits like a glove into the most popular categories listed on this platform, & thus I am super excited to be part of this vibrant community that's making a world of difference, & am determined to keep up the momentum so I never lose steem ;D


I'm feeling way too ignored & unaccepted. Haven't commented or posted "correctly" yet. I don't have time to put it all out there to get heart broken all over again. I'm traveling my ass to elsewhere. Sorry not sorry. Bye.