The Art of Monkey Making

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2018-02-17 13.51.01.jpg

Am I the State of my Own Art? One must wonder.

The eyes reflect a story of cold and wet, with fright from a Mother, hypervigilent, to take care of its baby. Seaching the hills graphed empty in fear for any sign of help from the very thought of lack she has unwittingly made. Her overwhelming look of desperation clutching on to her continuance, in the baby's future. A masterpiece born every moment, in a world where Van Gogh sold only one painting? Such is the belief that sketched this idea of such emptiness.

Funny, I thought for a while, in my artistic journey that other subjects were very much having a different experience than I. Now I laugh at my self made conditions, as the cosmic joke this experience is... an elaborate joke on myself.
Am I the mother and baby...I was in that moment.

When I saw this scene, in snow covered Northern Japan, I quickly sketched this out..

Medium: pen & ink on watercolor paper.
copyright M.joseph 2015 Kfx


Wow I love this! Were you traveling in Japan or are you from there?