We found Warhol in Dubai

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Dubai has anything you want if you know the right people and have a nice bank account.

Indoor ski hill, tallest building in the world, robots racing camels, shopping galore and this Andy Warhol chair that Michelle and I just had to sit on and snap a quick pic!


Happy Saturday Everyone!

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Banner by @bearone


I didn't notice any chair 😉 I'd love to goto Dubai one day and shop for gold, plus take in the sights and sweat my butt off

Yah it was amazing,so amazing in fact that I left and then came back a week or two later lol! I will have more to say about it on another day, Im feeling a bit sleepy today.
Anyhow I broke my phone so I was using my iPhone from last year and I saw that photo on it, what a fun night we had.
And yes it is so hot there but unless you are at the beach you don't really have to spend much time outside, kinda weird but true.

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Okay I will try and see if I can take it... Just copy and paste?

Cool it worked! I am officially part of the team :p

Happy Saturday to you!

Thank you! Enjoy your day :)

Sounds exciting

It was it was!