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RE: caturday painting - La peinture du chamedi [ENG-FR]

in #art3 years ago

My 7 kitties wish you a happy Caturday! They really enjoyed looking at these very pretty and colorful kitties. Sure would be nice to be able to site with you and actually watch you work while having some coffee & croissants or crepes! Ah, just the thought of that makes me think back to all of those beautiful shots you used to post on Rabadaba of your town. I hope this finds you nice and cozy during this February day. Love to you my dear friend.


Haha thank you my dear ! ^_^ Just to precise : I never went on rabadabada (could never write or pronounce it right indeed 😄 ), but on Tsu it was, that i posted about my town.. ;-)
I have something to ask you, i will come to you on messenger my dear
Have a wonderful week-end !

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