First Snow Sculpture of the Season! The Snow Bunny.

in #artlast year (edited)

Well, it’s a slow Tuesday here at Taos Ski Valley so I decided to make my first snow sculpture of the year. :)


Edit: I gave the bunny a carrot! ;)


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Thank you!



Nice! Have you ever been to the festival they have in Frankenmuth, MI every Winter? You could totally enter the competition for the snow sculptures!

No, I never have! Sounds like fun, I'll look it up. :)

I think they call it Zehnders Snow Fest or something like that.

Ahh yes, I found it.
Maybe I can go next year... I'm pretty locked into Taos for the Winter.
Looks pretty amazing tho!

Yeah, I have went a couple of times. Local school districts usually bring teams to compete as well as the world-wide talent that shows up. It is a cool little town. Make sure you get a chicken dinner if you make it there!