My second work (Portrait) watercolor. Cousin

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                                                             Hi Steemit. 

           This afternoon, it became boring for me and there was nothing to do. I decided to draw my cousin Anastasia.He took out his brush, his watercolor. And set to work. Initially, I drew a pencil, I didn’t work very well and made a lot of unnecessary lines, I quit my job and took out a new piece.

                                                                      Here are my first sketches

It seems to me that the sketch came out better than the final result =D

          I continued to draw a distance, long and painstakingly. I tried very hard to draw well. I do not know how to make it so that the paper does not hunch, swelled. When I apply a lot of water, in order to fill the background with light paint, all the paper will swell. But if I take less water, then there will be stains and not a monochrome fill. I can't handle this problem.

Photos do on the phone. The quality is not impressive, but it is noticeable that the paper I have bent.

If there is an aquarellist among you, you can advise me on which paper to choose. Thank.

Thank you for reading my post, and watching my work, this is my hobby, it calms me down. Thank you for watching.