Pencil step by step, my hobby. The second picture

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                          My second drawing, my friend.

           In the evening, it was pouring rain, picking up a pencil, stared at him. And decided to draw it its friend. She's quite an attractive girl.

The camera was from a LG X Power phone.

            In the beginning I drew her silhouette, it was a little interesting to finish it, as some parts of the photo was not.

The camera was from a LG X Power phone.

          After I drew the outlines. Step by step, he began to draw her features. It was hard, because I didn't go to art school. I paint as I can, as it turns out, but I try.

The camera was from a LG X Power phone.

       Well! Something already similar is, I am glad to it. Need a little more time to paint and complemented with details. Hmmm.... there is a place right, perhaps there will draw something good. That took an hour of my classes in the evening, rainy weather.

      Well, that's about it. I ask you professional artists do not swear, I just learn, draw as it turns out, I see \^_^/


Yes you are an artist:)

Hahahaha.. I'm a locksmith. It's just that it calms me down, I just started doing it.