The first steps to art, watercolor portrait.

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                                                                Hi Steem.

               I wrote below in a post that I really like watercolor. A month ago I bought paints and brushes, so I decided to get carried away with drawing with watercolor too. Before that, I painted a long time ago, about a year ago, but it was gouache. I worked in kindergarten when I was 3-6 years old.
              Here in the spring mood, somehow prompted me to buy paper, paints, brushes and just sit and draw. I am only 25 years old, the last time I painted with watercolors was 6 years old. I painted with gouache a couple of times, 12-13 years old, and 24.
             These are my creative impulses, I hope I will have watercolor for a long time, and my heart is calmer when I draw. Here is my job after such a long time. I just started my creative life, so don't judge it, but rather tell me what's wrong, and how to fix it! ^ _ ^

Out of focus

Thanks for watching, I don’t tell me how to draw better =) I’m definitely not going to art school!