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Mandala Monday is upon us again!
And since I don't have any more previous work mandalas to post, every Monday will from now on bring you a new, freshly-made Mandala =)

Such is the case for "Ashflake" ... I actually set out with the intention of making a _snow_flake, and I will get to that in the future, but these colours were just speaking to me today.


Gallery: Motifs
Max. Print Size: 28" x 28"

“All things of grace and beauty such that one holds them to one's heart have a common provenance in pain. Their birth [is] in grief and ashes.”

-- Cormac McCarthy - The Road

The creation process:

It's getting late so I'm going to make this brief. I started this with the parameters of Pomegrandala where you can see much of the process I use for making mandalas.

After reaching satisfaction where shape was concerned (above), I started going through images to use as colourmaps, and found this glorious beauty, which gave me the idea for the theme-change as well (from snowflake to ashflake):

The thing is, in Mandelbulb 3D itself, I couldn't settle on any one set of colours as The One. So I saved several large pngs and combined them in photoshop, putting layers on top of each other and making good use of the eraser:

I'm looking forward to doing all sorts of "flakes" ... A snowflake, a glowflake, maybe even a crowflake? o.O ...

Thank you for your upvote 💖
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