I Will Live (Digital Doodling)

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"Do not ignore the call of conscience. For, the call of conscience with the principles of a positive life, will lead you to a life that pleases your soul." ~ @mariajunia

Life is not just life.

If only life, monkeys are also alive, pine trees are also alive. But we are not a nation of monkeys and pine trees. We are human beings who are struggling to stay alive. Living in the true sense. It means we have to live a life that is beneficial to others and ourselves. In life there are two things we can use to survive: the will and confidence.

Will or intention is the main thing we should not miss. Believe in every will there must be a way. The path can go anywhere, as long as we are good at choosing then we will meet success, and when we fall on the path that we do not want then we will fall and fail. But do not worry, because success and failure have its own dose. God will not give temptation beyond the ability of his people. Besides that, in every failure there will be a wisdom. And when we reach success we should not be arrogant either. Because the wheel will always rotate. We are not always on top. Sometimes the wheel spins down so we can feel how hard it is to be down. But that's life. It all starts from the will.

The second is self-confidence. All can be done as long as we are confident. Do not care about what we will get from our efforts, which is important we are confident and genuine in running it. Because confidence is able to distance us from the attitude of the minder that will make us feel reluctant to move from our comfortable point. Rest assured that we can do what we can not do. Live independently. That way we will not depend on others. Success comes from ourselves and it all starts from here. Of ourselves.


"The WAY". This is the early stages that lead to "the TRUTH" and "the LIFE" ourselves. We who run, we direct, we who determine where the goal. The rest gave God who took part in arranging the direction of his compass.

When life is focused on the things desired, then the subconscious force will direct all the potential and life resources to realize that desire. Think that your life can be better than today, and never think that your life will be bad the next day. Always live to be better, and spend the seconds of life's journey with confidence and confidence to succeed. Then, get used to feeling and feeling for success and victory.

Understand that change happens every day, and if you do not realize something that has to change, you will always meet with disappointment, always looking for reasons to cover up the disappointment. Change with common sense, and keep on figuring out how to realize your dreams. Living the ideal life requires adjustment to change. Any desire that focuses on effort and hard work, will surely drive you to the goal. Any ability to adjust to change will make you intelligent to see everyday situations for progress.

Focusing on what you have to do will make great progress on your life. And, the focus will also invite a lot of achievements to give a win to all your efforts and hard work. Do not let your focus on desire be cut off by the voice of concern that comes from you and those around you. Never let your doubts and worries swirl through your mind. Train yourself not to let the voices of doubt and worry distract your focus concentration. Stay calm to make your focus fulfill your wishes


"The TRUTH". In fact, all come back to our own reflections and reflections.

When your focus on desire is totally concentrated. Then, the change will always come slowly, so it will be hard to see, but it always happens, you have to be prepared, and new habits to respond to change, so that when your wishes come true, you are used to living it.

Focus all your life energy to reach the peak of your desire. Make sure you always step confidently alongside your life process. And make sure all your life plans can keep you constantly changing to grow in progress as you see fit and hope.

It does not matter if you have to move fast or slow, you just have to keep moving along the focus of your life. Make sure you have the best way to appreciate each of your steps along the path to success and the triumph of your life.


"The LIFE". One of the darkest dwellings in life is to let a brilliant mind become a slave to a lazy body, which puts rest before tiredness.

Thank you for visiting my blog and reading my post. I hope that you learned something useful from this post and you can enjoyed. God Bless You!



I particularly like the green doodle at the top.

Thank you very much, it's good to have someone like my artwork. If I may know, from what point of view do you really like this work?

It is symbolic of something, but we don't know what. So we can make up our own story. I prefer it to the others because it is less decorative and we can pour meaning into it.

Human being always struggled no matter what they have in their life, they struggle their love, money, and relationship.
We have to manage everything then only our world operates effectively.

Try not to be a successful man but try to be a useful human being :)

Great post, I included it in my weekly curation Ocean of Art!

Whoaaah! Thanks a lot @juliakponsford i really appreciate it, happy to share thanks :)

Thanks a bunch has always supported me and other minnow artist, my prayer @slothicorn continues to grow :)