Lady Earth - pilot pen drawing by @mariandavp

in #art2 years ago

Are you a fan of Outlander series?

It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea, especially S1 & S2 can become frustrating at time. I have found myself, however, getting quite attached to the two main characters despite their faults and outrageous choices.

Maybe it is the notion of time travel that has always appealed to me, or maybe it's the idealistic love that overcomes everything and forgives everything that eventually got to me.

Anyway, I was watching S4 of Outlander and there was a scene where Claire and Jamie are gazing at their new land in America.For some reason, Claire seemed so well put in those woods that I imagined her becoming a tree herself, forever rooted in her Fraser land...

This is the doodle I made while watching that episode.


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