March - art by @mariandavp

in #art2 years ago

There she is, my beloved March! The queen of the Spring has once again returned.

At first sight she may look (and feel) a bit cold and enigmatic. You don't really know what she has in mind. Soon enough though, she will clear the skies for you and reveal the blossoms she carries in her heart.


PS. This time I remembered to take a photo from the process 😉



Beautiful artwork, Marianda! I love your take on March and spring, here in Argentina we're starting to say goodbye to the summer and I already miss it hahaha.

Thanks for sharing!

Thank you @siucatti! I feel you... If I could I would split my year in half, 6 months in the south, 6 months in the north.

Very nice work great creation 👍🏾 🍻 !BEER !trdo

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Thank you very much @kgakakillerg, I'll drink to you 😉

No problem enjoy the 🍻 🤝

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