Another digital painting-body part-showing the process step by step

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hello there, i am going to share another digital artwork of mine. i have been feeling really excited about digital art for a couple of days..... and i think i want to give digital art a real try.....
of course my first drawings are gonna be messy and weird and might not be so good. but thats why i need other peoples opinion, on how can i fix the mistakes.

today i drew an eye including the skin.....
here it is:

my eye painting.jpg

i couldn't draw the hair on the eye for some reason.... i tried and then i had to hide that whole layer.... it looked kind of really stupid...
btw, i used a real person's eye as reference for this one. but that eye is not really red, its just when i took the shot the eye was totally open to the sunlight, and too much light gave the deep brown color a red vibe....
so i painted it in red.

here, see some process... if you look close enough you can see the reference photo on the layers

Screenshot (12).png

Screenshot (13).png

Screenshot (14).png

Screenshot (15).png

Screenshot (16).png

Screenshot (17).png

Screenshot (18).png

Screenshot (19).png

i hope you enjoyed watching this....



I love doing eyes in my arts. Very nice job! I have to start doing digital soon

That's really awesome! Just dont worry about the eye lashes, you just need to lessen the size of your brush and draw each strand and should be not that long :)))

thank you so much.... i will try that

Cool! And keep up the awesome job! :D I have the same blog like yours! I've got some basic process stuff hahaha >.<

I would like to use digital art like you!

woow ... Thanks for sharing the detailed steps

Red eys is beautiful butt best eys is black.

Wow!!!you made it! 😍i hope could buy a laptop soon so i could try photoshop soon😟

i wish you luck so you can buy a laptop very soon, you know, i bought my laptop with my steemit earnings......

Nice creation.

So Realistic Painting

It really looks great! Keep up the good work! :)

wao Great.
Your editing is awsome .
I also upload my first art as early as possible.
follow me.
I realy like art thats why i like all arts.

i am sorry, editing?????? are you kidding me? and did you just ask me to follow you?

ya i ask you to follow me.

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Sorry for disturbing you.
I just appriciate you.
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great work vaiya...

It's nice to see that you got better really fast :D
I like this painting 👍

wow, amazing progress amazing viewers. how can you be like that?

wow, this is amazing dude, i really like it, you technic is like a combination between anime and reallistic drawing <3

Wow, this is so amazing. Lovely details!

If you put a keyhole shape around it.... totally evil...

thats what context can do. Like a politician in the forest. totally wrong..

It's looking like spider in eybol:)