Working on a pencil portrait-thinking boy on window-showing the process step by step

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hello everyone, i have been working on another pencil drawing recently..... i am spending a lot of time on it to make it as good as possible....

i collected this picture from google and tried to draw it. and i think i made it look like almost the same....
though its not all done but the main face part is finished so if you know you can recognize him....

i made this smaller than i usually do..... and i am glad that i made this smaller because its easy to shade the whole thing so better.
if i had made it bigger then it would have taken way more time to finish the drawing.....

this is the part till which i am about to share today:


till now i have used hb,2b and 4b graphite pencils and i intend to use up to 10b pencils to make the hair look darker.

now time for the process shots:














Just so owesome portrait. Great work. Looks a beautiful boy and so realistic. Well done.

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Lookin' good

Beautiful, love how detailed you are

Woww.. this is amazing..:))

his eyes, like waiting for something ..
I like..

very beautiful

Wow, this is simply amazing! Great job @masummim50 - keep up the good work. How long time does it take to much such a drawing? It must take a while with all those beautiful details.

yes it does.... it took about 6 hours to get to this part

Upvoted you. I thought so. You are very skilled I must say. It is interesting seeing the process.

Nice Art and Content !!

Brother you have a great talent drawing freehand, besides drawing faces is not easy at all. I congratulate you on your drawings, I hope one day I will improve with my graphite drawings.

thank you. and i am sure you will be great some day.... and i intend to be better than i am now.... so i am gonna keep practicing

Nice drawing, I like the way you present your work!

thank you.... it seems viewers are more interesting when they get to see the process

The boy's look is a poem. It's a beautiful work

thank you so much

I love the bangs! It look like superman though no cape and muscles. Good drawing @masummim50! I hope you keep it up.

thank you and i will

Amazing work! How do you do that? I never see that kind of living art! Can I get your discord id? Thanks

Good job! I hope to continue seeing your drawings.

thank you..... i post every single art that i make

Tienes mucho talento, el rostro se ve muy realista <3

Me encanta tu trabajo. Te felicito

This is so amazing...
Love it

Looks amazing ! Well done 😃

I really like your drawing, it is excellent! The technique you use for shading makes it look very professional and the contrast of black and gray looks beautiful.

Fab - what a brilliant start to the piece- really like your use of shading on the face and I'm looking forward to seeing your next bit of progress on this piece! I always find eyebrows incredibly hard to get right and you've done these beautifully. Thanks for sharing the progress shots- awesome! I've got some of my drawings in my post today for the first time- would love to know what you think of them. E x

thank you, sure i would love to visit an art blog

Chul gula kintu akan jos hoise.last pic a dorai jasse na j ata pencil diya akano sobi.Akdom sukkho kaj hoise 😝

Great skills! I love how you did his face. Keep on!

Very nice 👍👌

Cool process of work @masummim50

Hope to see more blogs of art from your channel. Feel free to enjoy my music if you like. Regards!/@luciannagy

Good job! It looks pretty good I really like the final result.

It's beautiful, I'm inspired although I'm still learning some things like shading etc

Good Job dude

Just simply ticked the upvote button , it,s spectacular work , i really have a good taste of art , and this work is too amazing dude ,

@masummim50 keep it up dude

You are a very big artist I too have a lot of sketch art I'm sketch artist and writer my new sketch art steemjet golden logo plz sir @masummim50 check my work


One of the brilliant work bro. tell me did you use the drafting during the drawing?

Wow it's looking good!! Can't wait toes it when it's going to be completely done

"I appreciated your generosity. It is very wonderful that you will open your tricks openly and completely. Learning your techniques takes some secrets / threats from the specific aspects of drawing. This is my satisfaction. According to a picture drawing is great.

OMG is Elio!!!!