Art by Michael Stobierski

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Original paintings by Michael Stobierski. Assorted sizes. Acrylic on canvas. An accumulation of 30 years of paintings.






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It's a long time! I didn't hear from you in last couple of months! Hope you are doing well!
As always you are making amazing artworks! Very stunning work my dear friend!


Thank you. I was ill, but I am doing great now.

You are okay, that's the important thing! Wish you healthy and wealthy!


Lovely art, done with water colors?

Thank you! Acrylic paint on canvas.

@michaelstobiersk, After long time you come back steemit community and welcome back with most fascinating paintings. Absolutely brilliant.

Lovely art, done with water colors?

Thank you! Acrylic paint, so almost water color.

Lovely art, done with water colors?

Great artwork, you are so talented. Cheers

Thank you so much!

wow very excellent art

Thank you! I appreciate it.

Great to see you back buddy :)

While the paintings are indeed magnificent .

Liked the 1st one the most .

Wow...most impressive art works. Heart touching selections. Just awesome @michaelstobiersk

Seems really live looking. Greatest painting selections. Nice you decided to share.

Beautiful paintings and they immediately feel the hand of a true master! Thank you @michaelstobiersk

Really fantastic painting my dear friend and 2nd photo is awesome. I like art very much. Thanks for sharing with us

Art of original picture.amiging and outstanding painting. thanks a lot for sharing

great piece of art, brother :-)

Wow Amazing artist and Stunning workarts

Thank you! And thank you for resteeming.

Welcome my friend , thank you for your support great artist!

Wow it's very beautiful paintings ... I loved them paintings a lot .. Sure you are a wonderful artist @michaelstobiersk.. How much I like the art of painting.
Here are some of my paintings:



Thank you. Your art is fantastic!

hank you very much.. also your job is very nice. I love your painting

Thank you!

@michaelstobiersk - Sir those are incredible artworks painted on Canvas... How are you doing Sir...

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Thank you! And thank you for resteeming.

Thanks for sharing these wonderful and creative paintings

Thanke you for you my friend

Really an awesome artistic work..I miss your great painting @michaelstobiersk

Hello friend, Welcome to steemit. how are you.

Thank you. I was ill, but I am doing great now.

Lot of attractive productions of paintings. Nice color combination.

wonderful image this is very nice art thanks for sharing

I totally love your style of painting. I Iike them all, especially the first one. It's the wonderful simplicity, that feeling of pure innocence.

Thank you! That means a lot, coming from someone with your amazing talent. ❤

impressive artworks & excellent painting style you followed there. nice post @michaelstobiersk

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Thank you! And thank you for resteeming.

Wow!!! Really wonderful painting.......It looks like the pictures in your living patterns...................

it's good to see your beautiful works again dear friend @michaelstobiersk
I wish you a prosperous week

i think your art is great very beautiful post .

Wow! What a beautiful art.
I love your post. 😍😍😍😍😍
I really appreciate your work.
You are super talented person on steemit in the category of art.
Amazing creativity.

Nice content.
Very well articulated.
Excellent job.

Thanks @michaelstobiersk sir for sharing this post.

Upvoted + resteemed your post.

Thank you very much!

great art is very nice Thanks for sharing ( resteem )

Have a great day to you....💐🎈🍀
Hello @michael🙏🙋🤗
Perfect color combination....
Many thanks for sharing
Happy steeming🌹🌸🍂🌿🌷🌱🌼🌾🏵💮🌺🌺🍁🍀🎈💐🌻💮🍁🍂🌹🌷💮🏵

wonderful art sir

fabulous art, i like this post @michaelstobiersk

i am new join in steemit, please sir see my post

I upped and reblog it....

Amazing artwork you showed so nice to see you after a very very infinite long time hahha :D

Hi @blazing! Good to see you. I had a health issue, but I am doing well now. Thank you for visiting!

Really amazing, thanks for share @michaelstobiersk

This is great and good i will follow

I love all the artwork featured here by Michael Stobierski . there so many beautiful paintings.

Thank you!

A few of my favorites are the wine and cheese, the ballerina, Sun Shining in Meadow and the Autumn Farmhouse Fork in the Road!!

welcome to morrocco

Thank you for visiting my website!

Where have you been?

I have been going back and forth to Mexico (from Arizona, 6 hours round trip!) to get my teeth fixed. I let them go for too long, so it was time. Mexico is super cheap for dental. 1/3 of what it is in the States.

I hope all is well with you.

yeah man all good here - new teeth..COOL

Yep. 19 crowns, 3 root canals, 3 extractions, 3 implants. It's torture!

Flawless workmanship @michaelstobiersk

really you are a great artist sir

I absolutely adore your style of painting. I Iike them all, particularly the first. It's the magnificent effortlessness.

Wow...most impressive art works. Heart touching selections. Just awesome your art scale @michaelstobiersk

very good painting upvote and resteem have done.

Thank you and thank you for resteeming!

Extremely live looking. Most noteworthy painting choices. Pleasant you chose to share @michaelstobiersk

Not everyone can find the beauty in this painting, because only people who have an art soul who can enjoy it..

it regards see your lovely [email protected]

outstanding art sir

fantastic art post, all art are awesome

Wow so nice painting artwork...i like it...

Hello @michaelstobiersk,

Extraordinary good canvas painting. Incredible collection of your fantastic arts.


Fantastic my dear friend Resteem

Thank you and thank you for resteeming!

mindblowing painting. It seems all paintings are alive. @michaelstobiersk thank you for share us.

Fantastic painting sir

Hi. @michaelstobiersk
Hello there is a great creativity here Yarouta is a very professional artist by the way Welcome to you again in steemit I missed you Yapatl good luck and welcome to my page

This is my friend's duty to own a few here

I told you, my friend, this is a duty
In addition to saying that you are a special person who shares valuable information with us

Ok. Now I understand. 👍🏼😃

i loved it!

Hi, Michael!
I am glad I discovered your blog, your artwork is wonderful. All the paintings are very beautiful, my favorite is the forth one. All the best for you!

Fantastic work, full of great inspirations :) Greetings

I have not seen you for a long time. How nice to admire your works again, which as always are absolutely brilliant.

Hello Margaret. Thank you very much. I had a health issue, but doing well now.

I am sorry to hear that. :( I wish I could cook for you polish chicken soup ;) I am sure you would get back on your feet super fast ;) Hugs

the amazing painting 😱😱😍😍😍 have nice day

wow so beautiful art i will give this a upvote!

This is great article and Excellent artwork.
Great job .thanks @michaelstobiersk.
100% like and resteem

Great artwork!!
have a good day

Great painting,this is so lovely,

very nice boss..i love your colurfull art..thank you


great lovely art work....
thanks for share your painting..
i like this & my one of hobbies is painting

Have a great day!


Carry on your great job...i also support your work... @michaelstobiersk

Lovely art, done with water colors?@michaelstobiersk, After long time you come back steemit community and welcome back with most fascinating paintings. Absolutely brilliant.

Beautiful works of art.

that's cool. i loved it.
Upv .resteem!!

@michaelstobiersk, After long term you return steemit network and welcome returned with maximum charming artwork. honestly awesome.

Very beautiful artwork and this is original hard work.
Great experience sir.
Thanks @michaelstobiersk
Have a great day.

Beautiful paintings and they immediately feel the hand of a true master! Thank you @michaelstobiersk

The artwork is finish color matching is excellent.
This design is very elegant.
Great work
Thank you
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Original Paintings . Great work.
That is really look for boat panting.
(((( Resteem Service))))

Just amazing and epic artwork by you my friend.

Keep it up.

Thank you.

A little artwork for you.......... @michaelstobiersk


Excellent painting.thanks for sharing

Great artwork .....

Awsome painting.....
Really so much nice.......

what a great painting sir is my life sir ........

awesome color and great art ,,,,,,

Wonderful drawing

Awesome art picture sir. Pictures are very beautiful . Thank you very much for sharing so beautiful art pictures..

Nice post sir...........


somehow i had unfollowed you - now I am following again

Excellent photo art
Excellent 3.gif