Creating A Painting - One Day At A Time - DAY #5

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Slowly but surely, I move forward. The changes are more subtle at this point. This is a hard painting to scale, so I need to do some size modifications.

DAY #5

DAY #4

DAY #3

DAY #2

DAY #1

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sir how are you
fantastic art sir, resteem done

Thank you very much! I am doing well. How are you?

outstanding art sir, resteem

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gorgeous art brother
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It is very interesting to see your progress forward and how your picture comes to life more and more. Great job! resteem

mind blowing painting, thanks for sharing sir

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@michaelstobiersk - Sir I can see more details in the artwork now... Excellent Sir...

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This is great article and Excellent artwork.
Great job . @michaelstobiersk.
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how are the new teeth going?
Image result for teeth gif

Not done yet. I still have more to get done. The hard part is over though.

I hope all is well with you. Have a great day!

Wow fantastic artwork and for sharing.

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The artwork is finish color matching is excellent.

hard work
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@michaelstobiersk, Color combination so talented and looking to live environment. I can't wait long term to see final production. Have a nice day.

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a fantastic artwork & it's day 5. good post @michaelstobiersk

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Wow! Amazing creation.
You are so much creative. 🤗💙
I love your art.
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Thanks @michaelstobiersk sir for sharing this post.

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The fifth day brought your colors to your picture and it's excellent that the picture becomes more beautiful! Thank you @michaelstobiersk

With some modifications you painted day #5 task. Amazing work sir.

wow its another great painting share with of luck and go ahead.

day 1../5 all painting is super , you are heros of painting, amazing painting,

Very impressive painting and now looking marvelous @michaelstobiersk

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Fantastic work you shared of yours the little details are really awesome loved it :)

Thank you my dear friend!

Fabulous art.....really your painting impressed me. I appreciate your great creativity.

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Wow the statue is the main focus of Day #5! Amazing artwork is building friend! Keep it up!


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Wonderful painting sir

Excellent work & amazing skills you've for making pain on the art. No need to keep doubt. Looks like original image.

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Such a beautiful artwork and this is original hard work.
Great experience, valuable
Thanks @michaelstobiersk
Have a great day.

It is fun watching the progress you are making with this painting. Size modifications must be a demanding task, right?

Thank you! Re-sizing is challanging for sure, but part of the process.

It sure is getting into the figure .Keep it going , you are doing a great work :)

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I think there may be better from day 1 to day 5 . good art friend.

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I have no word..... Just excellent

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Breathtaking paint sir, I like it, resteem your blog

Thank you.

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Sir took time to draw the painting but it is beautiful.

Sir painting is gaining full maturity. Nice to see.

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Your picture has been perfect in 5 days, a very nice work of art. Thanks for sharing @michaelstobiersk

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Clear progress in the fifth day..Good artistic job.

awesome work :-)

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