Combining Stop-Motion Animation with My Glass Artworks because...Why Not? 😄

in #art3 years ago

I have always been fascinated with stop-motion animation and the intricate process it entails. It is one amazing art that you can NEVER rush, but the results are just smooth and stunning, which makes it really special.

So I thought to myself: "If I love stop-motion animation as much as glass art, can I combine both?" And of course, I can! 💖

Really, there's no limit to making art. All you have to do is to imagine, create, and BELIEVE.

Anyway, here's a test run of the glass art x stop-motion animation I am telling you all about! While this is still a test run, I got a great feeling that this will give way to more awesome glass art x animation projects in the future! About that, I will surely keep you posted! 😊


Lovely. I like the use of glass as your medium base. Have you ever seen how they animated Snow White? They did some amazing camera focus work using stacks of glass plates.

Thank you, @distantsignal! ☺️ I haven’t yet, only the one where they use acetate-like sheets, but I’d like to see that! 😄

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