Finally - Glass Art Making Featured in Science Channel's 'How It's Made'!

in #art2 years ago

Whenever I can, I look for videos and pictures on the Internet that best explain my work as a glass artist. And what a joy to see that finally, Science Channel has featured the beauty of glass art making on its segment 'How It's Made!' ❤️

I have seen a few 'How It's Made' videos but usually they are about food and machinery production, so my glass artist self silently hopes that one day they will feature how glass artworks are made. So seeing this makes my heart just happy and full! ❤️

Credits: Science Channel - Youtube

I hope you'll enjoy the video just as much as I did, and in case you're wondering, the glass art technique the artist is using is called lampworking or flameworking, or the process of using glass rods and heating them using a lamp or blowtorch to make them pliable and easier to make shapes and figures from.

A big round of applause to the glass artist featured on this video - Malem! She is an equine glass artist. You can check out more about her here and see more of her equine-inspired glass artworks here.

Thanks for dropping by and wishing you a lovely day! 😄


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