Fun with Making Glass Art

in #art2 years ago

Hello and Happy Monday to all! 😄

I know I have been MIA for the past couple of months, for that I'm truly sorry to everyone, especially to those who are following my glass art/art posts. While it's easy to be caught up in some things in life, I will never forget Steemit and the beautiful community here - I hope it's still the same way now. Well, it just reminds me to catch up on Steemit's latest news.

Anyway, please allow me to delight you all with one of my glass art pieces - "The Glass Comics". I have shared with you a photo of this before, but this time, I'll be sharing with you a stop-motion animation of this piece of (glass) art!

Thank you everyone and have a pleasant week ahead!

For those who are following my posts, I'd highly appreciate a simple 'Hi!' in the comments section. You can also leave a comment if this video has gladdened or interested you in any way! It would make me happy to share with everyone the beauty of glass art.

More posts to come! 😁



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