Glass Art Making in a New Light

in #art3 years ago

A lovely day to everyone! 😀

As a glass artist, I believe it is my duty to share with you all the beauty of glass art - from its process down to the pieces you can create with it. Thus, oftentimes, I am sharing videos about glass art making.

However, I noticed that I mostly share videos about glass blowing and only seldom about a technique closest to my heart and everyday practice - which is GLASS FUSING.

Actually, glass fusing is the primary technique I use in making glass art. Most of my pieces are products of it. So now that I have an opportunity to share more about it, I'm pleased to show you this beautiful video about glass fusing. Watching it will give you a whole idea about the technique. And I promise this video is 100% awesome - awesomely shot, featuring an awesome artist and her awesome works! 😊 Enjoy!

🎥: Yankee Magazine

P.S. Will be uploading videos of my glass art pieces VERY, VERY SOON! So please stay tuned! 🙂 For the meantime, here are some of my GLASS ART PIECES which are FOR SALE, so if you'd like to purchase one or two, just let me know through the comments below and I'll get back to you! 😉

  • The Green Cactus
  • Playing Around
  • Glass Comics
  • The Glass City
  • Modular Red Sea-Inspired Corals
  • The Office
  • Paper Circle
  • Sukkot-Inspired Glass Kirigami
  • Quilled Phoenix
  • Paper-Glass/Glass-Paper
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    I can sense your passion for your craft through your blog Michelle. I have been going through your older posts and am absolutely awed by how clever your creations are. Love it.. I would never have thought such art could be created using glass. My ideas of glass art start and stop at stained glass. Thank you for opening my eyes.
    And again, I am appalled at the small reward your quality posts garner.

    I highly appreciate your comment, @themagus! This is what makes me happier to do and share what I am doing - I'm happy to know that people like you are slowly discovering more about glass and the art you can do with it. THANK YOU! 🙂You can assure that I'll be posting more about glass art, especially my glass art creations and experiments, moving forward. Cheers!

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