I Missed You, Steemit and the Whole Community! 💕

in #art3 years ago (edited)


I'm sorry I've been away for so long! I have been busy working on a glass art project and other projects these past couple of months, but I am so excited to be back here and to share with you all what I have been working on!

You'll know what they are in the next posts to come!

Woah, I've been away for so long, eh? I got a lot to catch up on here on Steemit, but I'd highly appreciate it if you say hi down the comments below! It's nice to reconnect with the community, especially those I have known and followed since.

To kind of ease my absence here on Steemit, I'm sharing with you a re-upload of the stop-motion animation I created for my glass artwork "Green Cactus".

I hope you enjoy watching and for more updates about my work, you can also check out and subscribe to my Youtube channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7FMN47xe6PGYhcRFo0LmOg .

There are a few videos there that will give you a grasp about my work as a glass artist, and also, you can expect more videos to come in the future!

Happy Weekend/Shabbat and see you again next week!

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