We should drink coffee from mug we like! Drink it from new designed STEEMIT mug! #STEEMotivated Art

in #art4 years ago

Everyone needs coffee! It's not only good for health, coffee makes us happier and gives us more concentration. But, it's important one more thing. We should drink coffee from mug we like, to feel better!

For that purpose I designed this mug. This is simple design and it could be updated with Steemit username or many other elements.

STEEMIT mug | Download

Tool: Adobe Photoshop CS6

Thanks for stopping by! Check tag #STEEMotivated for my other ARTworks!


Nice. Please check my video LATTE ART!

This must be taste wonderful. :)

Great! @mightymicke Nothing like a good cup of coffee, but nothing like taking it in your favorite cup. Follow the successes :-)

Yes, it's truth. Thanks for your comment. :)

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