Happy Thanksgiving I M PAW: Kiki artwork 365 days art challenge Nov 28, 2019

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Hi Steemians! 2nd post for today yes I know...gratitudes and blessings to you all is very important to me! In fact, it's been quite a while since I last posted, and having a few days off work so totally being busybee updating posts from various social media including Steemit which I missed very much visiting here! It's been serious hectic couple weeks for me, and I miss the Steemit platform and connecting with you all so please reach out to me!~

Okay, again wishing you all a warm, cheerful and blessed family oriented Thanksgiving with full of love! It's a day to gather with loved ones and friends as all cherish, and make a toast for gratitude and good things to come! Come visit www.impaw.com for my 365 days of daily art challenge, as well as weekly Sunday webcomics for 2019!

For Thanksgiving Day here's my artwork today with the gobble-gobble Turkey-riffic fun! Stuffed Turkey dinner with mashed potatoes and veggies....omg...yummmm.....Please follow me for more artworks and personal blog updates :)

Here's Nov 28, 2019 365 days art challenge:
Kiki Nov 2019 Day332.png

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Happy Thankgiving, I'm glad you found some time to post.

Happy Thanksgiving to you as well! Yes been really busy with my work, and barely managing and doing my daily art challenge for this year lol...coming back to here full force til the end of the year! :D How did you spend Thanksgiving?

It will be great to read your post again and see your artwork, you are very talented.

I spent Thanksgiving with my family. I cooked and brought the food over to my Dad's house.

I hope you enjoyed your Thanksgiving.

Happy Thanksgiving, Kat.