[The Willow Weeping]

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This is a very intimate piece I did to express some things I have been going through at this particular stage in my life.
I hesitate to state my personal meaning behind it because my hope is that the people who view her will be able to see a bit of their own story and life experiences expressed through her as well. 23DC2C62-337F-4E3A-8EC6-BADE89775F21.jpegShe is done in colored pencils and pastels on 11x14 toned paper.

Below is a time lapse video I posted to YouTube which will give you an idea of my process.

I began with a simple sketch to center the piece. I decided to work from the top down to ensure that any pastels I added wouldn’t smear. I wanted the background to have a little glow so I laid down a light layer of pastels with varying shades of greens and yellows, then added detailed branches and leaves on top with my pencils.
I used this same technique throughout. Anything in soft focus was done in pastels and details were added with colored pencils.
I do apologize for flipping the picture around so much during the video. This was my first time lapse and I’m just learning the ropes. (Also, I forgot I was filming half of the time!)

Thanks for giving her a look!

•The music in the video is “Time” by Andrea Marie•


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Thank you in advance!

I liked your drawing, good composition, congrats! upvote for you!

Thank you very much!

Oh you are so talented! Your artwork is really pleasant to see. Hope to see more of your artwork here at steemit!

Thank you so much! I hope to put more on here... still trying to figure steemit out!

Yay you’re here!! 🙌🏽🙌🏽

Misty, you are one of the most raw natural talented artist I’ve ever known. Thrilled you’re here on steemit now and can share your creations with a wide community!


Thank you 💕

Also, if I may, I’d like to share what I see here. Maybe it jives with what you feel, or not? The experience of art is so subjective.

I see mother willow. Her branches provide beauty, shelter, playfulness, safety, cover and warmth to her babies. Her heart is where they nest, but presently she is sad because they are flying about. I don’t know if they are fledgling and learning to fly on their own as they should, or if they are just absent...but either way she loves them and is a bit lost and sad without them being where she feels they belong. I’m the nest. In her heart.

Her breasts are bare reflecting the nourishment she provides is still available to them if they wish (I know...birds and mammals, but just play along. Symbolism 😉) and her nakedness reflects that her
Heart is bared to and for them. She holds back nothing.

That’s just what I see in this moment.

It’s stunning and whenever I see your art I have a strong desire to possess it for myself.

It's Wonderful! ♥

Wonderful ArtWork!

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