wednesday sculpting sessions week 7

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Here is some progress on my new figure I sculpt during Wednesday sessions with live model at Trinity Arts Workshop. Its 7th week and still lots of work to do. Yesterday I focused on head. Likeness is not even close to the model but I would need so much more time than 2 hours to capture her beauty. The softness of clay and scale of figure make it quite a challenge so will not worry about it too much as long as the finished face feels right and is attractive. I like the pose so will probably bring it to completion after we finish in December. It will require lot of time fixing the details based on photos and after that molding and casting in resin. Need to build my collection.

Steepshot_footer2.PNG Steepshot IPFS IOS Android Web

Simply wonderful! Sometimes I love to sculp the clay (my hubby teaches to some clay classes) and so I can say: it's really an excellent result! ^_^

Thank you. I love to use clay there, I now moved to digital and 3d printing with my other projects, so Wednesdays are real treat. It is also much more complicated subject than animated characters, so it helps improve my observation skills. Still lots to learn.

That's pretty impressive m'dear. Well done you!

Thanks. It is still work in progress, much can change, I will probably try to correct it and make her ugly :)

Looking forward to the final result Mitch.

Thanks, I will post the photos of finished and after last session. Will see if there was any improvement

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