Really Great! your mandelbulb 3D art work is really nice. On which software did you make it?? How you put these great lightning effects?? Just I can say wow!

It was created in Mandelbulb 3D. It's really designed for rendering 3D fractals, but it can do mathematically based modelling too. It supports fogging for lighting which is how the light beams are made.

You know that I was thinking that you have made it in Maya or Zbrush. I did not know about Mandelbulb 3D software. It is really interesting. Where can we learn this great software?? Did you make any lectures on it??

That is really cool! I have a question, if someone with no experience wanted to start making their own animations and graphics, where would you start? I have alot of computer experience and work in IT, but things like this I have never tried before.

I would start with a package called Blender. It's free but very comprehensive. It can do 3D modeling, compositing, post processing and even video editing. There are also thousands of tutorials for Blender on the web, so you're never short on help.

Ok great, thanks!

This is sound for relax :)
Do you alone make this animation in video or?

Yes, the animation is my own work. It was created using Mandelbulb 3D

Woo it is really good 😊
Nice work bro...i expect new video soon!

Yep, I'm working my way through my YouTube channel, uploading them to DTube, so there's plenty more to come! :)

I am glad to hear that...cheer$ man!!

Listening to your music I feel sooo relaxcation. I'll be very thankfull for you for this amazing work :)

Thanks, but only the animation is my work. The music is a royalty free piece taken from

but honestly saying i like the animation more than the music... its so much interesting... <3

Thanks. Glad you like it!

<3 all the magic is yours

hey i know i made a comment before .. first i watch the video just a bit and after that .. when i was gatting bore and just played the video it was indescribable i mean i feel so relax and in trance mode you can say it was like hypnotism specially the boll animation and the music both ware amazing .... i have saved the video with my self .. i will keep listing to it

u know i was really depress and suddenly i see ur post and listen to ur music and u will cant beleive my mood is now fully fresh!

Thanks, but only the animation is my work. The music is a royalty free piece taken from

but whithout ur amination the music will have the half value and would be not that much interesting!

You are doing really great which is showing by your brilliant video. It's cool and creative. I also want to make such animation videos for myself to earn something for me. Can you please roll me a little bit?

It will be a great help from your side. 😇

Thanks for this great video. It is so brilliant! You are doing fine, keep going :)

it is great, it is very enjoyable to follow you, dtube is gorgeous, i want to do as well.

What a amazing video and nice sound :) How did you make it? Maybe you can teach us :)

This is the great animated video which seems you're very professional in it. I'm just loving the video itself and the music behind the creation. I didn't use mandelbulb 3D ever but your created video compels me to use it. :)

wow that is incridable .. i mean who made that animation thatsgreat i always wander to do something like that .. awesome start following you

It makes me relaxed, nice sound and motion..

Amazaing!!! This is the right video for everyone who would like to find out about Animated music. You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I actually would want to…HaHa).
You definitely put a fresh music which makes my soul happy and relax. Wonderful stuff, just great!

Aw, this was a very nice video. Taking the time and actual effort to produce a superb one… Thank you @movievertigo