Alien vs. Predator

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Hello dear Steemians!

You have to see this drawing done from the cover of the Alien vs. Predator movie, however I have to tell you that I was very proud of my work at that time, after all I was and still am a fan. As you can see from the drawing it was made a looooong time ago, and no matter what anyone says I still think the movie is great, just think of it, when that movie came out it was EPIC don't you agree?


My last post was a bit long so to create balance, this one is short and sweet :).
All comments about the movie or the drawing are welcome, so go ahead my fellow Steemians tell me, what do you think?

As allways thank you for supporting amateur art.


I dont really remember the movie, but I thought the recent Predator movie was pretty fun :D This is a nice drawing, @nagasonic !

Your last post was really interesting, @nagasonic, sorry I haven't commented on it, but this is since during the weekends I don't usually have a lot of time to internet since family and friends and doing other things . ___ .

But I will try to swing around and leave some love :) I really like longer posts, personally !

Oh, no worries my dear :). Family is important and we all have lives to live outside Steemit, it is all good :)
Thank you for your comments :) regardless of when you write them, they are allways welcome :D.
I have to tell you that you are one of my favorite Steemians @veryspider <3. I wish you all the best in everything :).

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