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Hello dear Steemians!

This is my first ever attempt at drawing a fantasy world landscape and I hope that you will like ti, because it took me about two days to finish this drawing.


I didn't have a clear plan when I started to work on this drawing, so I decided to go with the flow and let the inspiration take me where it may.


And little by little this picture started to come together, as I was working things in the drawing started changing, different concepts poped up and details started to take shape.


So I went with adding shadows on the finished parts of the drawing, and finishing the rest of the landscape, kicking out the hooded figure form the picture and throwing in some clouds.


And there you have it my finished drawing of a fantasy world. I have to say that im very proud of this drawing, taking into account this was my first attempt of this scale.


My fellow Steemians I hope that you have a nice day today, thank you for taking time to read this post, all opinions are welcome so please comment, upvot and show me what you think of this amateur art drawing.

As allways thank you for supporting amateur art.


I really like your creativity here—can I talk you into taking a picture with your pencil on the drawing so I can gauge the size of the print?

I’m guessing you’re left handed, correct? Thank you for this nice piece @nagasonic.

Thank you very much @dandays for the comment and the upvote :). Taking a picture is no problem, this print is made on a A4 and actually im right handed. You are welcome...
And agein, THANK YOU! :)

Congratulations on the reward here @nagasonic—well deserved!

Thank you @dandays! WOW! OMG! I just woke up, not 15 min. ago, im sooooo HAPPY right now, it's like Christmas I cant belive it... WOW!!

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Such a cool fantasy world, @nagasonic ! I really like how you committed into it, with so much detailing and I love the shading you did on the mountains and on the city that sits underneath the castle's side :) Very, very nice.

I think you did the right thing by kicking out the figure .... its inclusion would have taken away the focus of the piece from the whole, and it really looks more balanced without the figure :)

Good work ! More like these, please :D :D :D