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Hello dear Steemians!

Today I'm here to present my third Fantasy World and to tell you that I will probably do a forth, but I think that will be the last one in this series... So I hope you will like this one because I think I did good work creating this one and there is a little story at the end of this post :).


This was the initial concept. As you see on the drawing the segments are all in place and now it's time to go to work.


I started with drawing stronger outlines on every segment and also I added some more details.


After that was done the only thing left to do is fixing details and doing the shadows.


And this is the finished drawing of my Fantasy World #3. I hope that you like it because I think this is the best one so far.


To finish this post I will tell you a little story.
The Story of Durenhime :
"This world is separated into the north and south by a great mountain chain that streches for thousends of miles. In the north there is a vast Empire of Men called Astaroth with it's capitol the City of Light Luminium where wise Emperor Kaliban the Light presides. To the south lies the beautiful Nature Kingdom of Elfs called Etheria where the immortal and powerful Elf Queen Stella Aeternum watches over the whole world and protects it from the forces of darkness. The mountain chain is a very dangerous place where trolls, orcs, goblins and other creatures of darkness live, no one who tried to cross over the mountains has ever been seen or heard from agein, but that didn't stop the brave Dwarfs. They ventured deep into the mountains and fought the legions of darkness but soon realised not even they can cross over the mountains by force, so the brave Dwarf King Theryon Forgemaster decided to go under the mountains. The Dwarfs being great engineers, inventors and smiths started digging trough the mountain and after many generations they finally connected Astaroth and Etheria. The grandson of brave Dwarf King Theryon Forgemaster, called Theron Fivehigh who inherited his grandfathers crown founded the Great Dwarf Kingdom under the mountain and named it Durenhime. His name was inscribed above the entrance to his kingdome to be seen by all who now travel in safety between north and south."

As allways thank you for supporting amateur art.


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