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Hello dear Steemians!

I am happy to present to you my final drawing in the FANTASY WORLD short series and I don't think I have to explain this world was inspired by the movie Avatar and the Pandora Floating Mountains.


After geting the inspiration I started with a sketch as I usually do. The original sketch will change as we go along with the drawing, let me show you how.


The first thing I did was draw the left edge and the centar island, also as you can see I have changed the wooden hanging bridge and the little elvish/nordic house into a energy forcefield bridge and a little futuristic sci-fi round house and an antenna dish.


Next ware the other islands an the waterfall on the right, after I was done with those the only thing left to do ware the surrounding details to place the islands in the sky.


So I created some clouds and did the shading and there you have it, the finished drawing of my floating mountains, I hope you will like my last Fantasy World despite the fact that the inspiration came from the great movie Avatar. Btw I am a huge fan of the movie :).


As I was drawing this picture I had a idea to do a little contest with my FANTASY WORLD drawings by asking my fellow Steemians to write a short story by chosing one of the four drawings that I drew. Now taking into accout that I myself don't have a big reach in the community I am hoping someone will help me.
For now please upvote and leave a comment with your thoughts for this future contest.

As allways thank you for supporting amateur art.


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Thanks for this wonderful art work!

Thank you for your complimentary comment, it is very appreciated @oppongk :).

If you do host that contest, let me know, @nagasonic :) I can help with sponsoring for prizes !

I like this illustration, because the thought of magically floating islands in the sky has always appeal to me :) I also liked the movie Avatar, it was very fun and I look forward to the sequels !

Cool! Thank you @veryspider I will need your help to spread the word, I hope that at least 10 Steemians will participate, that is my goal, as for the prizes I can cover them because I was thinking 1 Steem first prize 0.500 for second and 0.250 for third place.
I know the prizes are small but that is all I can manage at this time.
I will let you know when I make the contest.

If that's your prize pool, let me cover it entirely :)

I'll boost your contest in my blog, too, so yes, please let me know when you publish the contest post :)

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That really came out looking nice! Very well done.

Allways a kind comment thank you Paul :).