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Hello dear Steemians!

Today I proudly present my two headed ogre and the process how it was made. Now everybody, more or less knowes what an Ogre is thanks to Shrek, but as you see this one is two headed and allot more sinister.


I have to admit it is much more simpler to draw when you have a clear image of what you want to draw instead of improvising as you go along...
So my first step is to draw a sketch and continue from there.


Now the sketch becomes the base, so you can focus on details right from the start. In my case I started with the heads, both of them :). And a rough outline of the body and one arm.


Like I said you can focus on doing details along the way because you have a full sketch to work off. Still drawing the hand gave me a bit of trouble, lost a bit of time there but practice makes perfect :).


Also having a clear image of what you want helps the process go faster, after one side was done I moved on to the other arm and of course a club is the ogres standard weapon...


Doing the details as I go along, the only remaining part is the lower body and the drawing is completed...


I was thinking of giving my ogre a few battle scars, tattoos and human skulls on his belt but I decided to skip that because it's so cliché I think you will agree...


This two headed ogre was inspired by Blizzards "Warcraft" a PC game im sure most people are familiar with, so I hope you will like my interpretation of this hilarious game character... Just imagine one head saying "Lets go this way" and the other disagreeing saying "NO THIS WAY!" :D.

As allways thank you for supporting amateur art.


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