✨Magic Zebra✨ Progress

in #art3 years ago

More photos 👉Step by step .

The beginning of this work is here. I really like the process of creating this picture))

To be continued...

Watercolor, A5.

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With love NatiChi.


You definitely are a great artist and that is indeed a very beautiful sketch and the amazing colors potrayed. I wish the zebra looked like this, in reality, that would have really added more colors to the nature. Thumbs up for such a wonderful piece of art. Continue this great art. You got brilliant skills.

Hi dear mam @natichi your artwork is very effective and crystal clear I am an artist also maybe you like my work also, it will be a great pleasure for me to learn from you.
Good day.

Whoa, thats really cool!!!!! NICE completely SPEECHLESS!

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This is awesome! Keep up the good work!👍🏽😁

art work is awesome .. color combination is perfect. i think so if u use some glitter silver or golden in black part of the mouth of zebra

Such vibrant colours and good work on these gradients!

You are very creative...
@natichi :)

Oh that's really cool! I like that is it so colorful. Beautiful painting!

aap peynter he kya?

Rainbow zebra? Look amazing

Brilliant work, I must say.. I should say..

que variedad de colores hermosa creación sigue así tu gran talento tiene que avanzar cada vez más

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