"Jellyfish" seria of paintings #2

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This is the second "painting" on cardboard, which I made with industrial paint!

  • The little story behind...

It all started from nothing! I just found some paint in a corner, somewhere in a warehouse, and I said to try to use them for a noble purpose :)) I did not have too many color options, or any other kind of cardboard, excepting black, with a little texture on it. The paint was not of good quality and it have stayed for quite a long time uncovered. So it was pretty thick and hard to paint with the brush, the classic way :))
I also had only black cardboard available, so I had to put a thick layer of paint to leave a visible trace.
I began to pour many layers of paint, then I lifted it upright the cardboard and let them flow...
I loved how to combine and continued... I was amazed to see how the colors combine and flow together, in a delicate dance...

  • When I first looked at the final result, the only thing that crossed my mind was...a jellyfish:)) Another opinion was that it looks like a tooth! But I'd rather look at it in my own way!

This is the second "jellyfish" born on my piece of paper!:)

27 orig,1.jpg
27 orig.jpg
27 orig,2.jpg
27 orig,3.jpg

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I just love it. It is so dark and also has a delicate feel to it. Awesome work!